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The logistics company SEREDA GmbH, based in the GVZ Berlin West Wustermark, which has been active on the German warehousing and logistics market since 1997, offers you a wide range of services in the field of customs warehouse (bonded warehouse), customs clearance (export/import), excise warehouse, warehousing services and transport logistics for goods flows both of European origin and other countries with transit through Europe. SEREDA GmbH has a customs warehouse license and its own office at the Dreilinden customs terminal in Berlin.

The customs warehouse of SEREDA GmbH has a very convenient central location in the GVZ Berlin West Wustermark, Germany, directly on B5, close to the A10 motorway (0.7 km), HavelPort Berlin (3 km), customs office Velten, customs office Ludwigsfelde (Brandenburg clearance point) and customs office Dreilinden.

The main activities of our company are: Customs warehouse services (bonded warehouse, custody warehouse, transshipment warehouse, interim warehouse, transit warehouse, authorized consignee, authorized consignor) in Germany, customs clearance for export/import (customs declarations, T1 transit procedures, preparation of EUR.1 /A.TR, export declarations, temporary admission, etc.) and certification of all types of goods in Germany, excise warehouse for alcoholic beverages (goods receipt, clearance, consolidation, commissioning, delivery), warehousing services (cross-docking, goods handling, consolidation, picking, sorting, labelling, goods inspection, packing, repacking, etc.), international transport/forwarding (multimodal transport, groupage transport, furniture transport), warehousing for organic and natural products, e-commerce fulfillment service (Amazon), transport insurance, 4PL management, outsourcing in foreign trade "turnkey".

Our specialists have all the necessary permits or authorizations (authorized consignee/depository/authorized consignor) and use their many years of experience and unique technologies to carry out trading and intermediary activities in the field of logistics services and are always ready to offer efficient and competitive logistics solutions and professionally carry out tasks of varying complexity while maintaining an individual approach to specific requests and wishes of our clients.

Regardless of the complexity of your requirements, feel free to contact us and see for yourself the diversity of our capabilities and competences!

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